Conference: BSides Munich 2022

With our conference talk on EDR tampering, we had the opportunity to play an active role in shaping BSides Munich 2022. We would like to thank the whole team and all the sponsors of BSides Munich for this opportunity!

Master of Puppets: How to tamper the EDR?

During our conference talk, a structured demonstration was presented on the potential for tampering with EDRs in both user and kernel mode on Windows. A step-by-step explanation was provided on how to disable components such as the user mode service and various kernel components using tampering. The event was well-organised and the speakers were well taken care of. 

The dinner for speakers in the evening was a pleasant experience, and it offered a chance to engage with individuals who share similar interests from various parts of the world. Such experiences are truly priceless. It was a great privilege to have contributed to this conference, and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to do so again in 2023.

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Daniel Feichter