About Me

I love to inspire people with my skills and passion for information security.

There are many roads to success and a CV should not be a one-way street. I have had a varied career, from electronics and communications engineering to industrial engineering with a focus on process engineering. Even as a child, I was passionate about technology, especially computers, and have always had a tendency to want to understand technology down to the smallest detail. In 2012, I started playing around with Kali Linux (then called BackTrack) and tried to hack my own wifi at home.


But the real entry into ethical hacking didn't come until autumn 2018, after I started as an ethical hacking rookie at a company in Innsbruck as an employee.

For various reasons I decided to start my own business at the end of 2021, specialising in Red Team services. With ethical hacking I have found my professional fulfilment and would like to share my enthusiasm for IT security with others and pass on my expertise to make the digital world a little bit safer.

Keeping Up With the Times


The field of information security is evolving every day. One of the key tenets of my company, RedOps, is to keep learning and using my curiosity and inquisitiveness to ensure that the latest offensive security knowledge is the foundation of my customers' security.

In doing so, I not only rely on the results and findings of other community members, but also like to live my own spirit of research.

Research References
Through our international network, we are in constant dialogue with the IT security community and regularly attend IT security conferences around the world. We are particularly pleased when we can take an active part in a conference in the form of a workshop or presentation. Our founder Daniel Feichter has already had the opportunity to share his expertise in the areas of endpoint security, malware development, Windows internals etc. at several conferences such as DEF CON in Las Vegas or the SANS Hackfest in Arlington.

Thinking About the Day After Tomorrow


In our view, companies that focus 'only' on the technical aspects of their IT security through penetration testing are short-sighted. Sophisticated security approaches also require companies to prepare for real-world cyber-attack scenarios, including tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and to progressively build a high level of cyber resilience.

The company's slogan says it all: Challenging Defences and Developing Defenders. Our vision with RedOps is to help organisations develop a strong resilience against cyber-attacks. On the one hand we want to improve your technical IT security level through penetration testing and on the other hand we want to develop the skills of your internal defenders through red teaming and assumed breach.

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