Makeing sense of IT:Security


The company's slogan says it all: Challenging defences and developing defenders. Our vision with RedOps is to establish and continuously develop Red Teaming and Red Team Services in Austria. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular often do not know how to react in the event of a cyber-attack or what they need to arm themselves against cyber-attacks.

With our services such as Red Team Engagement or Assumed Breach, we enable you to simulate realistic cyber-attacks, assess the current state of your company and gradually build up your defences in order to develop a high level of resilience against cyber-attacks.


At RedOps, we believe that IT security is a critical issue for organisations of all sizes, now and in the future. The complexity of cyber-attacks is constantly increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult for organisations to defend themselves against them. We live by the philosophy that IT security is not a product, but a process that must be continuously driven forward and improved step by step.

While our competitors are more interested in selling products and licences, we want to use our independent and objective services - Red Teaming, Assumed Breach and Workshops - to raise awareness of cyber-attacks and gradually strengthen companies.


At RedOps, our mission is to help organisations gain a fundamental understanding of cyber security and the added value of different services. We want to help organisations improve their own technical IT security levels through penetration testing. At the same time, we want to show our customers the added value of simulating a real cyber-attack through Red Team Engagement or Assumed Breach and train their internal defenders.

At RedOps, we see ourselves as an offensive security sparring partner who responds individually to the needs of companies and specifically challenges, promotes and develops their IT security skills and capabilities.