DEF CON 30: Hacker Homecoming!

Enclosed the slides from my talk at Adversary Village at DEF CON 30 in Las Vegas about Tampering EDR products on Windows. 

Adv dc 30 Daniel Feichter

This Convention was one of the best experiences in my life and I truly enjoyed the time in Vegas. I met a lot of interesting people and also made new friends. Thank you to the whole team from Adversary Village, from DEF CON, from all other Villages and also to all volunteers and sponsors for that amazing event. Without all of them, such an great event would never be possible. Hopefully I will come back next year (maybe with new talk 😉).

By the way, also many thanks to my friend Diego Capriotti from Italy for the great time in Vegas. Diego provided a super interesting talk about Python vs Modern Defenses, you should definitely check out his slides and the respective blog post!

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Daniel Feichter